bon design


Motion graphics are a must-have in modern marketing. It’s an eye-catching way to make a splash in social media, email marketing, or even create a economical yet professional TV commercial.

SmartStyle Mobile App Promo Ad

I created this animation for SmartStyle Salons by Regis’s mobile app. It has been utilized in a paid digital media marketing campaign, in social media, as well as on their corporate website.

SmartStyle Salons St. Patrick's Day Social Post

I created this post for SmartStyle Salons by Regis’ social media accounts. It was featured on St. Patrick’s Day 2018, highlighting the vivid colors their expert stylists are able to achieve.

SmartStyle Salons Gift Card Promo Post

I created this social media post for SmartStyle Salons by Regis to promote their BOGO Gift Card promotion.

SmartStyle Salons Thank You Social Post

I created this social post for SmartStyle Salons by Regis as a thank you to their Facebook followers.


I created this animation when I launched my @bon_design_mpls Instagram account. It was a lot of fun layering effects to create a retro-tv-with-a-faulty-antenna experience for the viewer.

Translation: I was daydreaming; my head was elsewhere